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 Downloads red alert 2

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PostSubject: Downloads red alert 2   Downloads red alert 2 Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2010 10:56 am

If you have a C&C download you'd like featured in our section here, please submit your request to APOC@ea.com. Please include a brief description of your download, all relevant links, file size, and any other pertinent info. We look forward to hearing from you C&C fans!

Click any icon or link to download the corresponding file or proceed to the page where the file is hosted.
Red Alert 3 Patch 1.12 (released 7.15.09) - NEW!

This patch for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 fixes several exploits and critical bugs, improves balance with an array of specific fine tuning changes to each faction, adds two free maps from Red Alert 3: Uprising, and more. If you are unable to auto-patch online, please download directly here.
Red Alert 3 PC Demo (2GB)

The single-player demo includes the entire 7-minute opening cinematic from the game, along with three of the game's interactive tutorials and one campaign mission from both the Soviet and the Allied campaigns for a full-blown taste of Red Alert action.
Red Alert 3 Worldbuilder (16MB)

It's time to get mapping Comrade! If you are looking to create the next great single-player or multiplayer map for Red Alert 3, then you'll need to download our exclusive map-making Worldbuilder tool. This is the exact same tool our map designers use in-house for their epic creations. Now it's your turn. Get in the map-making fun and download Worldbuilder.
Red Alert 3 Mod SDK (updated 4.28.09) - NEW!

The Red Alert 3 MOD SDK provides not only the same, but also greater power than our previous C&C 3 MOD SDK. It also introduces a fresh breath of unique features to greatly simplify the process of compiling a mod with our new Red Alert 3 Mod BuildStudio. Download the SDK to start modding and be sure to download the other tools on this page as well to assist your mod creation process. The MOD SDK includes a wealth of documentation and instructions to get you started! We strongly encourage all aspiring modders to create a C&C mod profile for your project at Moddb.com. Please click here to visit our Red Alert 3 Mod SDK page for all the downloads.
C&C Anniversary Classic Ringtones Pack

In celebration of the Command & Conquer 13th anniversary, we have carefully hand selected some of our all-time favorite "classic C&C quotes" + HELL MARCH, and pulled them directly from the games to transform them into ring tones for your mobile phone. And yes, we did say you can now have the original Hell March as your ring tone!.
Red Alert 3 Avatars Pack

If you're tired of trying to find that perfect Red Alert 3 image for your new forum avatar or instant message buddy icon, or if you simply want to change it up with ease, then look no further Comrade and hit that download link above. This download contains 9 new images for each faction, in two different sizes to perfectly fit your new forum avatar or instant message buddy icon. They also work great for your Twitter and Facebook pages! To view them all, click here
Red Alert 3 Remix MP3

Listen to this MP3 and learn from it. All your base are belong to us! Oh snap, it's the Red Alert 3 Remix. Everybody dance now! Rock out to the original Red Alert 3 Remix Trailer.
Podcast Interview with Sir Tim Curry, the "Premier Cherdenko"

He like's the beautiful girls, and is the leader of the Soviet Union in Red Alert 3. Comrade's, we have an exclusive podcast interview with Premier Cherdenko, the legend, Sir Tim Curry! In this interview the Premier discusses his plans to rule the world, his obsession with his candy bowl, his historic film and singing career, and answers a ton of fan questions from our message boards. Check out his faction profile for exclusive wallpapers as well.
Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Map Generator

If you're having trouble creating great-look multiplayer maps with our official Red Alert 3 Worldbuilder and need a quick fix to satisfy your hungry multiplayer map making appetite, then you are in luck today Comrade! Thanks to the massive efforts from C&C hardcore fan kos4u2c, you can now download this brilliant program which will generate a random multiplayer map for you with just a few simple clicks. We have tested and verified its functionality, but downloading is at your own risk.
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Downloads red alert 2
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